Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tres Cosas - Juana Molina

So I think I owe Parker an arm or something at this point cuz she's just proving herself a musical benefactress of the highest order. She introduced me to Juana Molina's music last year and I've become hopelessly addicted during that time.

One thing that just rocks my brain about Juana Molina is that she is best known in her native Argentina as a T.V. comedian. She had an audience of more than 300 people at her first concert - debut of the music on her first album. After 20 minutes, the audience was shouting disgruntled requests for funny stuff - since many came expecting her to make them laugh. By the end of the night all but 20 people had left, but the ones who stayed laid the foundation for a fascinated and devoted fan base. And unlike most actor-turned-musicians I can think of, her music is truly original and innovative. I love that her music is full of loops and synthesizers, but all the parts grow and work together like an ecosystem.

If you have time, watch this interview cuz it's a good one:

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