Thursday, November 1, 2007

About Us

How We Started:
A Song For The Day started first as a conversation among friends about new music and wanting to share with friends. It has since blossomed from a blog with a couple of friends working on it to a blog where there is a plethora of regular posters, plus some guest bloggers who, after reading this blog, were inspired to share their musical stylings!

Who (Some of Us) Are:

Brenda a.k.a. Quaking Aspen
From: Rushford, Minnesota
Most listened to genre: Indie Pop & Rock
Most listened to radio station: 89.3 The Current
Favorite solo artist: Jens Lekman
Favorite band: Belle & Sebastian
Secretly loves: Techno remixes of pop radio music
"In my head there's a greyhound station, where I send my thoughts to far-off destinations."


From: Chicago. And also rural Iowa.
Most listened to genre: Folk and folk-rock, but also a sucker for catchy punk-pop and bubblegum oldies.
Most listened to radio station: NPR
Favorite solo artist: Ellis
Favorite band: Hanson
Secretly loves: Hanson
"We must be over the rainbow..."

Meghan a.k.a. .:m-e-g-g-o:.
From: Minnesota Native
Most listened to genre: Connoisseur of Alternative Folk and 90s R&B
Most listened to radio station: 89.3 The Current
Favorite solo artist: Ani DiFranco
Favorite band: Cloud Cult
Secretly loves: Celine Dion and watching re-runs of NCIS and Grey's Anatomy
"It's hard not to rock the boat when you're sailing against the undertow..."

From: The Midwest. From Minnesota to Illinois to Ohio to Wisconsin to Iowa and back to Minnesota.
Most listened to genre: Indie Folk & Rock with a healthy dash of eclectic Electro-anything music
Most listened to radio station:The Current
Secretly loves: Prairie Home Companion
"my whole life was like a picture of a sunny day"

Kim aka Accordion Dame
From: Minneapolis, by way of Iowa and Wisconsin.
Most listened to genre: indie rock, new folk, a little electro
Most listened to radio station: NPR (I'm with Dylan), 89.3 The Current, CBC3
Favorite solo artist: Joanna Newsom
Favorite bands: Department of Eagles, Beirut (I'm in love with Zach Condon)
Secretly loves: Law & Order SVU (girl crush on Mariska Hartigay), lichen, watching movies in the bathtub
Not-So-Secretly Loves: Eastern European and Baltic folk music, men with facial hair, legwarmers, jewelry, and tea
"In my ultimate fantasy, I roam with a gypsy band."