Friday, August 8, 2008

Jayber Crow :: Drinkin' Song Germinating Seed

The song for today is in honor of the meal I have just eaten. Every vegetable in our salad - swiss chard, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers - was grown by the hands of people we know. This summer I have spent nearly every day working with youth in a community garden and I hope I have managed to convey to them, at least to some extent, the absolute wonder that is food growing. Something that starts as a tiny seed becomes food that we can eat. Dirt produces food. There is nothing I can think of that is more amazing than that. Thus, despite that this may be the third or even fourth Jayber Crow song that has appeared in this blog, I offer "Drinkin' Song Germinating Seed" as not only my song of the day but the anthem of my summer.

To hear the song, please visit

And if you have not yet purchased multiple copies of Jayber Crow's first full-length album, Two Short Stories, kick yourself in the ass for all the joy that has been missing in your life and go buy it.


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