Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mabogo :: Ada Milia and Alexander Balanescu

Whilst searching for Balanescu Quartet youtubes for last weeks post (posted mid week...I totally cheated), I found this and had to watch it several times, barking with laughter and disbelief every time.

So I searched both Alexander Balanescu (the violinist) and Ada Milia (the singer). Unfortunately, the only stuff I found on Ada Milia is in Romanian. Here's her site anyway - if you figure out how to translate it let me know!

This one makes me think of my "Music History" classes from Luther and laugh at how small our scope of music was. Western music is wonderful and fascinating, but I don't know how it cornered the market on "important" when I can listen to this woman's voice and hear infinite cultural influences and yearn to know where each thread weaves back to and how.

Alexander Balanescu's site is friggin' beautiful too so I'm posting it here.
He is also from Romania and is a force on the violin and string quartet scenes.

Makes me wanna fly to Romania and see the world from there for myself. Maybe there's the equivalent of musical steroids in the drinking water. Kim, you're coming with me, right?

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