Saturday, January 19, 2008

Transistor Radio :: Cloud Cult

I was introduced to Cloud Cult when I first moved to Minnesota by my beautiful and wonderful friend, Jess. I've seen them live several times, and they are AMAZING, for many reasons. One, when they perform, they have two live artists creating large format oil paintings in the background, which they auction off at the end of the show.

Two, when they performed at the fair on the 4th of July, they played, "Moving to Canada". :)

This song, in particular, holds significance for the band since it's about the lead singer's son, who was killed suddenly while still a young child. The album, "Happy Hippo", was released shortly after his death, where there are many songs featuring his voice and laugh, and many others dedicated to him or written about him. It is for this reason that "Transistor Radio" leaves me with such a feeling of melancholic peace every time I listen....


Transistor Radio::Cloud Cult

I heard grandpa on my transistor radio,
Though he turned in his bones twenty years ago,
And he said, "Kid, theres something that I'd like to show you,
Get your things, its time for us to go"
So I grabbed my backpack, my flashlight, and a bag of caramel corn,
I got my bicycle, and the radio, and I had it on the road, I said
"I'm ready for what I'm about to see, Yup"

I headed north to rain that turned to snow
Through rusty towns and dusty gravel roads
And I said, "Grandpa, where is this thing you wanted to show me?"
He said, "Kid, you got a long way to go"
So I went through canyons, caves and catacombs, I sailed on bicycle boats
I slept in chapels and brothels, I met the nicest folks
I said, "I'm ready for what I'm about to see, Yup"

I heard grandpa on my transistor radio
He said, "Kid, its time for me to go,
And I know that there was something that I wanted to show you,
But its time for you to find it on your own."
"Let me tell you about rage when a signal died that day,
Theres nothing out there and I don't care; Its to take my life away
I'm not ready and I don't want to see, Nope"

Its been years since I heard my transistor radio
Yet I keep going to where it seems I'm meant to go
And I finally realized what he wanted to show me
Where I've been, where I am, its the show
Where I've been, where I am, its the show
Where I've been, where I am, its the show


gitfiddler said...

I'd love to sit in the room with this guy when he's playing the guitar. What a lovely song! Thanks, Kelsey!

Quaking Aspen said...

This is why I love this blog!!! I fall in love with songs that I never would have heard otherwise. Thanks, Kelsey!