Friday, January 18, 2008

Before You Leave :: Ellis

Ellis is an indie singer/songwriter out of Minneapolis, and many of us on this blog I know really enjoy her music and frequent opportunities to see her play live in the Midwest.

This song is from Ellis' new album, "Break the Spell." I've been thinking a lot lately about life and death and felt that this song, which Ellis wrote for a friend who was reaching the end of a battle with breast cancer, was appropriate for my current mood.

My favorite part of the song is the verse that its original title, "Grand Exit," is derived from. Ellis says, "Every star at night is a beating heart someday will fall/Young and old, they are bright/They make a grand exit." Something about those lines has always given me tingles. It just seems so sad and so beautiful at the same time.

You can hear the whole song (and download it for free) and view the lyrics on Ellis' website, . Below is a video of her playing it live in Minneapolis last August.

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