Thursday, May 14, 2009

For the Taste :: Black Blondie

Black Blondie is a local Minneapolis band that plays alternative/experimental/R&B music (that's a self-description off of myspace, folks).

Lead singer Samahra's amazing vocals, snarly lyrics and riot grrl attitude.
Drummer Kahlil Brewington's extremely effortless sounding rhythms that subtly push the songs forward, completely setting the tone of the songs blending perfectly with bassist Liz Draper and Tasha Baron's sexy keyboard/organ/synth parts she creates without using samples.
The songs meander through genres, sometimes reminiscent of 60s motown, then shifting into 80s synth pop, sliding into eerie gritty ambient R&B.

Okay. I'm done exploring pitchfork-y descriptions of music.

I think Black Blondie are awesome, and you should check out their new CD "Do You Remember Who You Want to Be?" OR if you are free and able to get over to the Electric Fetus, they are playing live at the Electric Fetus tonight, May 14th at 6:30pm. You can also catch them next weekend at the Memory Lanes Block Party, right by Pi (rest in peace).

Black Blondie

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