Sunday, April 12, 2009


I stumbled across some old Roxette videos on YouTube... holy hell they were good! They prove that all awesome pop-rock music comes from Sweden. I am totally in love with these guys again.

Their wikipedia has some interesting facts about them- for example, they tried for a good five years to break into the US market, to no avail. How did they get in? An American exchange student from MINNEAPOLIS brought their single for "The Look" from Sweden to KDWB (that shitty pop station we have here). KDWB started playing it, people started calling in saying "What was that???" And they passed the tape on to other radio stations. This was all before "The Look" had even been released in the US. So yay for the strong Minnesota-Scandinavia ties.

Here are their four number one hits:

"The Look"


"Listen to Your Heart"

"It Must Have Been Love"

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