Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Monster Song :: Psapp

Last weekend I was at the MBLGTACC '09 conference in Bloomington Indiana. Aside from the excitement of hawking free temporary tattoos and stickers in the exhibit hall, doing a workshop at 8:30 in the morning for 3 to 5 people and getting to see some very dear friends, I got a new CD! Hurray for me!

During one of the workshop sessions, I ditched out with my friend T and he took me to this excellent record shop he had discovered earlier. It was in an old house that also had a coffee shop in it that made peanut butter cup coffee drinks. Very tasty. If you are ever in Bloomington, IN go check out Soma coffee shop and the record store in the basement.

Anyways. So my acquisition at the record store was Psapp's new album "The Camel's Back." My prior exposure was Krista's blog post last October about them. As was mentioned in the October Psapp post, their song "Cozy in the Rocket" is the Grey's Anatomy theme song. So there's the tie in for TV/Movie month.

This song is called the Monster Song and has a really excellent music video to go along with it. Psapp makes really quirky electronic music, and I really enjoy Galia Durant's voice. So. Enjoy the Monster Song. For an added bonus, check out their myspace page, where you can listen to lovely tracks like a cover of "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" and how to pronounce "Psapp."

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Krista said...

I'm so happy you blogged about this song, Dylan! I first heard it when I was writing the entry you mentioned, but decided not to focus on it because the album hadn't been released yet.

Thanks for reminding me :)