Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So Jealous :: Tegan & Sara

this past weekend, i had the pleasure of hanging out with some pretty fantastic people at a pub called the blue door (which is flanked by several antique stores, so if you've got a hankering for antiques, a good beer selection, and some pretty stellar variations of a Juicy Lucy, you should check this place out!!). somewhere during our conversations, we ended up talking about working out - which was subsequently followed by music that you work out to. while i have a hard time running to music when running outdoors, i have found it is easier for me to bear running on treadmills during the arctic months of Minnesota winter while having my ipod plugged into my ears. while we were going over various genres of music that help one's workout routine, tegan and sara's album "So Jealous" came to mind.

i have found this album to be soooo good for a variety of reasons, but here's my work out tailored list:

1. i'm a slow runner and the overall laid back pace of this album allows me to run to it without feeling like i can't keep up
2. the songs are catchy enough for me to forget that i'm running, so i can just jam out my work out
3. if played from start to finish, each song provides a more 'natural' random setting for your workout, instead of having to pay attention to a treadmill/olyptical machine's 'random' setting
4. if played from start to finish during your workout, you can guarantee yourself a 45 minute workout!
5. by the end, i feel like a rockstar.

what's your workout jams?
the end.

So Jealous

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