Sunday, December 21, 2008

If You're Feeling Sinister :: Belle & Sebastian

It would come to no surprise to anyone who knows me that "If You're Feeling Sinister" by Belle & Sebastian is one of my favorite albums. Sometimes in the course of your life, everything that is going on around you sort of leads you to a particular album or group, and that is what happened to me. My sophomore year of college was basically hell. Everything in my life was terrible, and every day, I only thought about how much I wanted to die. I have very little memory of that horrible, depressing year of my life, but I do remember a beautiful thing that helped sustain me: this album.

I remember clearly setting the CD player to "Play" and looking out my dorm room window at the world somehow going on with life while I was stuck. "Make a new cult every day to suit your affairs.... kissing girls in English at the back of the stairs..." God, how I loved that album. And I still love it today! Those opening lines were like a balm on my poor wounded soul. Stuart Murdoch's voice was like a big bear hug. It's a really dorky thing- between Erika and I, we can probably sing every line of every Belle & Sebastian song.

In music-dork circles, this is considered one of the best albums OF ALL TIMES. It's so good that B&S actually re-recorded the album live in concert and sold it exclusively on iTunes a few years ago. Interesting trivia- there are at least TWO bands named after Belle & Sebastian songs. What are they? Post answers in the comment section.


Mugsie said...

What an amazing album!
I only know what one of those bands is NOT - namely, Arab Strap, who toured with B&S and were angry about the naming of the Boy With The Arab Strap album, as it confused people. Yay trivia! ^_^

stacey said...

have you listened to the BBC Sessions yet? "Slow Graffiti," which i hadn't heard before, is softening my heart in exactly the way it needs right now.