Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Night in the Box

Local music. So I reached really deep into my musical library, and I found A Night in the Box. They are a really energetic indie bluegrass/rock/folk group that puts on really great live shows. They're actually playing tonight at the 331 Club New Year's Party. Or you can catch them at the Acadia on January 23rd, The Kitty Kat Club on January 30th, or at the Cedar on February 8th.

If foot stomping, hand clapping, guitar driven, banjo and violen laden music is your thing, A Night in the Box delivers pretty excellent electric bluegrass. Most of the songs are catchy, and make me feel like putting on my best button up plaid shirt and singing along.

I couldn't find much of their stuff, even on imeem, so I recommend checking out their myspace page. In particular, I really recommend listening to "The Hustle" on myspace.

A Night in the Box

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