Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Earthling :: David Bowie

Building on the theme of albums we listened to in high school, my album for the week is David Bowie's Earthling. It came out in 1997, but I was 12 at that time and not cool enough to listen to David Bowie. I was introduced to this CD at a New Year's Eve party junior year, sometime after midnight when the music video for "Little Wonder" came on the TV. It was late, so I was loopy, but even so, this music video completely entranced me. It was directed by Floria Sigismondi, which explains how quirky beautiful it is.

The album's sound is clearly influenced by electronica, and was a favorite of mine for driving to school on cold winter mornings. In a broader sense when I started listening to more David Bowie, I appreciated this particular evolution of his music because I felt it sounds a little more focused than some of his other cds from the same decade. Either way. This music puts me in my happy place where I can just kind of zone out and enjoy the joy of David Bowie.

I've included a few videos from this cd, among them "Little Wonder," "I'm Afraid of Americans" and "Dead Man Walking."

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