Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Romance of Wolves :: Roma di Luna

I was trying on a darling little sweater (goldenrod and cream stripes with buttons, oh my!) on a recent afternoon at Tatters, a great vintage shop on Lyndale in Minneapolis. They always have good music playing over the soundsystem, and this day was no exception. The selections were as beautifully golden as the sweater's stripes.

While I was pulling the sweater over my head, a new song came on. The singer's voice was a little haunting, graceful, lovely, a lone banjo in the background. Then the rest of the band kicked in, the tempo picked up. The fiddle! The tremelo! The minor chords! Oh, my! The lyrics were intriguing, the sound was intoxicating, and I was suddenly so drawn in to the music and didn't give a darn about the somewhat ill-fitting sweater that looked so great on the hanger.

I fell in love.

Any regular reader knows I fall in love a lot. I'm just full of a lot of love, that's all.

But truly, can you blame me for being a sucker for a roots/Americana/blugrass/rock/country/folk infusion? If you've got a banjo, a saw, a mandolin, a fiddle, or anything remotely Appalachian sounding, or include stories that involve death, murder, redemption, faith, or unrequited love, or if you make me feel like I am at a revival, I will most likely be very happy with you and your sound. Give it to me.

And Roma di Luna does! I had to run out of the dressing room and find out who the band was. Turns out Roma di Luna is local, friends of the shop owners, and plays regularly around town. So, I need to check 'em out live sometime - they have a number of upcoming gigs, check out their myspace or webpage for all the details.

I'm featuring the song I heard that fateful day in the dressing room, "The Romance of Wolves". Unfortunately, the sweater didn't work out. But I left with a new love for Roma di Luna instead.

I hope you enjoy!


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