Sunday, August 31, 2008

Corporate Cannibal - Grace Jones

Video directed by Nick Hooker.

This thing scares me. A lot. But it's so friggin' cool that I can't help but love it.

So this is Grace Jones. It amazes me that this woman has been around and famous since the 70's. She was photographed by Andy Warhol, she danced at Studio 54, and she has been a musical force in the gay dance club scene for 30 years! But unlike Cher, (and more like Grace's alien brother David Bowie), the music she is making now is new and interesting and ever intriguing. And I'll observe in passing that Grace Jones and David Bowie MUST have collaborated at some point. Just putting the two of them in the same room together would be like a scene out of "The Twilight Zone" In fact, if you look at their guest appearances in movies over the years, Goblin kings, aliens, Amazons...lots of the fodder for these otherworldly characters was mined from their rock-star personi.

So now this bad-ass lady is writing and producing songs of cultural relevance! And she's using chops that only she has to do so in a really intersting way. This song doesn't scream and protest the evils of capitalism and the corporate monster. It dramatizes it. AND IT'S TERRIFYING!

pleased to meet you, pleased to have you on my plate
your meat is sweet to me
your destiny
your fate

you’re my life support, your life is my sport

I’m a man-eating machine X2

you won’t hear me laughing, as i terminate your day
you can’t trace my footsteps, as i walk the other way

i can’t get enough prey, pray for me X2
(i’m a man-eating machine)
corporate cannibal, digital criminal
corporate cannibal, eat you like an animal

employer of the year, grandmaster of fear
my blood flows satanical,
mechanical, masonical (masonic=Freimaurer) and chemical
habitual ritual

i’m a man-eating machine.. X2

i deal in the market, every man, woman and child is a target
a closet full of faceless nameless pay more for less empitness

i’ll make you scrounge, in my executive lounge
you pay less tax, but i’ll gain more back

my rules, you fools

we can play the money game
greedgame, power game, stay insane
lost in the cell, in this hell
slave to the rhythm of the corporate prison

i’m a man-eating machine…
i can’t get enough prey
pray for me
corporate cannibal…
digital criminal…

i’ll consume my consumers, with no sense of humour
i’ll give you a uniform, chloroform
sanatize, homogenize, vaporize… you

i’m the spark, make the world explode
i’m a man-eating machine, i’ll make the world explode
corporate cannibal…

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