Sunday, June 29, 2008

Path of Green - Nosfell

I don't wanna overwhelm y'all - especially if you only have time to read about or listen to one song a day that's not of your choosing. I just wanna post a few side-dish songs along with the main course cuz I found them all within a half hour of each other and the path I took to get there is kinda interesting.

I'm not putting these songs in chronological order of when I first saw/heard them. If I did that, you wouldn't get to my favorite (and the song I'm posting about today) until last:

It just blows me away. It's like he's not so much performing as thinking out loud in music instead of words. He treats the song like a current or an animal that he has to catch before he can ride it. And the dude is rockin' the counter-tenortude!

Okay. Now that's done I can post the videos that brought me to that one.

Thanks to Kathryn, I am now addicted to Elephant Revival and had to watch every youtube I could find. So then I started thinking of Colorado and hippiness and thought of my contact ball (which is currently living on retainer within the pillows of my couch) and thought I should probably start practicing if I wanna be good at it in time for Faerieworlds. Then I went to that sight and saw pictures of Chris Murdoch and then youtubed him too.

And so to Ghasi Ram Blues by Kaya Project. I love it. And it is yet another reason I'm glad and lucky to have so many dancing and performing friends cuz there seems to be some sort of trend - because they need good music for their craft and so they get good at hunting for it.

Liking this notion of dancer music and deciding to test my theory again, I looked up other illusion art videos to hunt for music and found the following:

Music by Omnia

I knew I'd found something good when I was distracted by the music. Being distracted by music while watching something as hypnotic as poi was the clue that the music must be pretty friggin' interesting on its own.

And so Nosfell entered my consciousness wearing that song: "Sladinji the Grinning Tree".

So far I can't find anything on this guy that isn't in French with no translation icon handy. I wish I'd been raised in the Netherlands where that I'd have learned 5 languages and wouldn't need a translator! Cuz then I could see what this guys peers think of him.

I could have taken ages to post all of these individually - since this post alone contains a month's worth of Sunday songs (if we MUST have only one). But the reason I'm not afraid of posting them all here now is because we've all posted multiple songs at one time or another and never apologized for it. And why should we? There's enough good music out there for our wicked music-hunting skills to bring a whole feast of music to the table once a week! Cheers if you can clean your plate of all I served you today. You must have been really hungry!

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