Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Story of the Grandson of Jesus :: Cloud Cult

[following brenda's lead on blogging about the performers who will be at Rock The Garden, sponsored by the Walker Art Center and Minnesota Public Radio's 89.3 The Current....sorry Dylan....]

ok...so i know that we've had more than a few posts about Cloud Cult, but i'm tellin ya. they're phenomenal!!! plus, i got to see them perform LIVE in DC this past weekend and i'm still on a high. i've always been a fan of live music because there's something special in going to see an artist/group share their art with you...especially when that layout is in a small, intimate setting...surrounded by other people who share your love of that particular artist/group.

Cloud Cult takes musical communion to a new level and it was almost overwhelming at times - not in a bad way...just in a way that sort of encompasses you...trust me, it's surprisingly uplifting :) they not only utilize the traditional forms of instruments (guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keyboard), but they throw in a cello, a violin, a trombone, video, live painting, and a passion for living green...all of the people in the group really know how to jam and you can see how into it they are! it's both hilarious and amazing...simultaneously!!!

(they move around so much that it's hard to take a good picture of them too...)

plus, if you're lucky (and have some extra money lying around) you can bid in a silent auction for some sweet art! this particular painting was made by Connie Minowa during the concert i went to...i made a bid, but there were other people who really wanted it more...and had the cash to do it (but i'm proud to say i played my part in making sure they dished out more, because it was really worth more than what anyone ended up paying for it...)

Cloud Cult's music goes beyond catchy lyrics and licks...it really is personal...not just for them, but for the listener. craig minowa has this ability to write songs that not only tell a great story, but have a moral/life lesson. i've taken to Cloud Cult's music a lot in the last two months, and it's come in handy as the spring is always a time where the crap from the winter gets cleared away and creates new room for things to grow.

this particular song i enjoy very much because it's one of those songs that you can't help but move to, plus, when you get to see their shows, you get to sing, dance and shout along! the attached video hopefully provides an example of this. however, the visual quality isn't that great...BUT, the audio is probably one of the best i've heard for what's one youtube and taken by someone in the crowd :) but, just in case you'd rather hear the recorded version, i've posted that as well :)

the end.

The Story of the Grandson of Jesus::Cloud Cult

today is a good day to flex the muscles of the weary
a miracle is a miracle even when it's ordinary
we will walk on the water even though it seems scary
if someone will show us the way

i shook hands with the man who honestly thinks he's
the grandson of Jesus with the penchant for pinches
he served us communion of cola and twinkies
guess everyone has their own view

he stood on his soap box and told us a parable
of a man with eyeglasses so small they're unwearable
and the moral of the story is it all looks terrible
depending on what you look through, what you look through

he said "do unto yourself as you do unto your neighbor,
it's not an eye for an eye, it's a favor for a favor
and it's okay if this world had a billion saviors
'cause there's so many things to be saved

take my words with a boulder of salt
or blame it on your devil
always the scapegoats fault
we all point fingers when it comes to a halt
can somebody show us the way, show us the way?"

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