Monday, April 21, 2008

The Bleeding Heart Show :: New Pornographers

In honor of the Rock the Garden event coming up [sorry Dyl Pickle], I'm posting a New Pornographers song. I absolutely love this band. The first time I saw them was when they went on tour with Belle & Sebastian as the opener and blew everyone away. I saw them all raw, no fancy lights or stage mechanics, and the power and energy of their songs just blew me away. They were awesome again at First Ave last fall, and I'm sure they'll be great again at Rock the Garden [though Neko Case might not be singing with them!! She hurt her foot.]

This song is from Twin Cinema, their 2006 album. It starts off really slow and minimal, then builds and builds until everyone is rocking their faces off and dancing their asses off. You might have heard this song on Kodak commercials, also for University of Phoenix online. It's super surreal to hear NP on commercials now!

I leapt across three or four beds into your arms
Where I had hidden myself somewhere in your charm
Our golden handshake has been smashed into this shape.
It's taken magic to a primitive new place
Watch 'em run, although it's the minimum, heroic

We hunched together in one chair out on the deck
In snow that froze and fell down on the modern set
It looked as if I picked your name out of a hat
Next thing you know you are asleep in someone's lap
Watch 'em run, although it's the minimum, heroic

We quit the room
Quit so our thoughts could rest
Rest them, I'll never move?
That's when we grab a hold
Of whatever it is we fell into
Lousy with your content
With what the majestic cannot find
In business of your lives
The perception, it is wrong, mile after mile
The phantom taste drinking wine from your heels

We have arrived too late to play the bleeding heart show

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.:m-e-g-g-o:. said...

i am so excited to see this group live this summer!!!