Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hey Ya :: Outcast (video by the Peanuts Gang)

So my cousins showed me this yesterday and it cracks me up so I'm bumping it above my prepared post.

First of all, I'm amazed by the power of this song to be addictive and fun even WHILE it's just a little annoying. I realize that it might not be such a teetering line for everyone - I know folks who can't stand it cuz it's nothing but annoying and folks who love it cuz it's nothing but addictive for them. But regardless, I find that dancing along always tips it to the addictive side.

So what better way to show that than with the BEST dance instruction video of all time? Or am I alone in saying that I've tried every dance step demonstrated in this particular Peanuts clip and secretly wanted to be just like Snoopy when I grew up? (complete with the little jig he does around his guitar in between soulful strummings)

This whole shebang makes me laugh. And I hope it works for you darlings too :)

Happy First Sunday after the First Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox! (otherwise known as "Lets celebrate Easter on this conveniently available pagan feast day cuz we're the religion-co-opting Roman Empire!")

Jesus Christ is a pretty sweet duuuuude, A-a-a-a-aaaaa-leee-luuuuuu-jah!

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.:m-e-g-g-o:. said...

this is hilarious ;)