Wednesday, January 23, 2008

paranoiattack :: The Faint

The Faint are a synth-rock band from Nebraska, of all places. This song is off their last album, "Wet from Birth," which was released in 2004. They're supposedly working on another album, but it's apparently slow going since they haven't released anything since then.

When I first heard them, I actually didn't really enjoy them much. I think it was because the first song I heard was "erection" which is funny, but not spectacular. I heard them play at Summerfest though, and their show completely changed my mind.

What I enjoy about this particular song, aside from the glorious synth-rock in general, is the lyrics. It ties in with the ideas of power and control we've been talking about in my jterm class. The idea that there are external and internal measures of control. Fear is an external measure of control that becomes internal when we allow fear to control our decisions. In the song, the news creates the paranoia that controls how people act.
Anyways. Hope you all enjoy.

The news has got me paranoid,
Papers and the news reports,
Casualties of everyone,
Anchor people beat the score.
The weapon is now chemicals,
More then any of them,
Circulating envelopes,
With powder through the postal route.

Threat of the diseases,
And we don't give two thoughts about it,
Here, it took forever 'til it stopped,
Mandatory needle shots.
They gave us all a little dose,
Feed your bodies, how'd it go?
Finally when we had it,
Look some terrorists are packed with it.

The public end is working now,
I'm falling for a hook and reel,
Stocking up on medicine,
Buying tape to seal itself.

Paranoia! (x12)

Paranoia attack,
Paranoia war,
Paranoia seems like a bomb.

Paranoia threat,
Paranoia fact,
Paranoia drops bombs.



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