Saturday, January 12, 2008

Marty's Kitchen :: The Greencards

Another Guest Blogger!!! Kelsey

I was talking to Meghan about this music blog during my 18 hour drive back up to Minneapolis, MN where I go to school, and I immediately thought of posting a song by The Greencards. I was first introduced to these guys at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, which a Texas sized, Texas themed, Christmas market, complete with local artisans selling their wares and local musicians entertaining the crowds with some good tunes.

The members of The Greencards came from far and wide, hence their name, to Austin, TX where they started their career and where their most loyal fans still reside. They are now signed to a label in Nashville, but they can sell out a show in Austin within hours!

The band members are as follows:
Carol Young (AUSTRALIA)- vocals/bass
Kym Warner (AUSTRALIA)- vocals/mandolin/bouzouki
Eamon McLoughlin (ENGLAND)- vocals/violin/viola/chello

So, as an homage to my homeland, I give you "Marty's Kitchen" by The
Greencards. This song doesn't have any lyrics, and the video quality isn't the greatest, but you can definitely hear some serious musical jamming going on! Enjoy!!!


Quaking Aspen said...

I bet they are really fun live!

gitfiddler said...

wow. even with great video quality, their hands would still be a blur. Holy hell!
Thanks for the great post!