Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christmas 2040 :: Boris Smile

So thanks to "The Dress Looks Nice On You", I've been stalking Sufjan Stevens on line for the past several days. And on the website of his record label ( I found a link to a project of his that is apparently in its second year. It's a Christmas song contest. People wrote, recorded, and sent in songs of all kinds relating to christmas. Cool stuff! In Sufjan's words:

"Having received over 600 Christmas song entries, it became a daunting task to pick just one. I fell in love with them all. Even the songs with expletives, the songs with Christmas clich├ęs, the many songs about ex-girlfriends, nativity scenes, snow globes and apple cider. Rummaging through these songs was an arduous and fascinating sociological project! They were all glorious, gorgeous, intimate, whimsical musical meditations on the holiday that never ceases to capture our imagination, year in and year out."

The overall winner song is okay. But I was much more taken with this one: (the video is a little distracting. Cuz the lyrics are the striking part)

It's a scary thought that traditions can stay the same even when people are no longer remotely connected to the origins of the traditions - and this song takes that idea to a comical and disturbing extreme. I wouldn't be surprised if this song found its way into (or even inspired the creation of) a Wes Anderson movie.

Here's the link to other winners of dear Sufjan's contest: (have a listen! They're all fabulous)


Season's Greetings from the Future.
Season's Greetings from the future.
Season's Greetings from the Future.
Season's Greetings from the future.

The month: December.
The day: the 25th.
The year: 2040.
It's the future.
Yeah, what a trip.

Christmas is very different
When you're living in the space age time.
It's always cold and it never snows
And we've never smelled the scent of pine.
Christmas trees we only see
in magazines from our fathers.
We put our gifts around algae and kelp
Since we all live under water.

We don't have Christmas ham
Because in 2040 we rarely eat.
Half the population are cyborgs
And the other half don't eat red meat.
Though things have changed, traditions stay the same
So we still decorate our home.
Put the stockings up, and bake a pie.
And hang the lights around the aqua-dome.

Grab your scarf and grab your friends
Cuz we're all gonna sing
Some christmas carols door to door
Riding in our submarines.
And by the way, Christmas songs have changed
Ever since World War 3.
Planet Earth kicked the butt
Of Saturn and all its rings.

Now we sing monotone
We got rid of the chorus.
Only verses now, with acoustic guitars
and stock fish shakers, cuz their skin is porous.

La la la sha la la la.
La la la sha la sha la.
La la la la la la
La la la La la la.
And in the future, we end our songs
Abruptly, cuz it's more efficient.

And here's the reason I've been stalking Sufjan:

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