Monday, January 21, 2008

The Loneliness Song :: Best Friends Forever

I heard this song a couple years ago on The Current, and I really dug it then, but it never really made it onto my iPod until a couple days ago (why???? I dunno!!!). Best Friends Forever is a band from Minneapolis, composed of two actual BFFs ('best friends forever'). They've been BFFs for 13 years. This song is a dialogue between the two of them, sort of a BFF love song. They are great. CLICK HERE for their myspace profile. And CLICK HERE for the story about them on Minnesota Public Radio.

I couldn't find the lyrics online. But my favorite part is where one says, "How do you know what to spread on my toast? / And how do you know the toppings I like on my piiiiiiiza??" So cute. I love songs about friendship.

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.:m-e-g-g-o:. said...

i absolutely LOVE this song!!! i want to dedicate it to my roommate :)