Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anywhere :: The Scarring Party

Not everyone will enjoy the Scarring Party, I'll be honest. Some people I've shared them with are just like "that's.. neat, Dylan.. really.. neat" cause they don't want to offend me by saying they don't like it.

Either way. I find them to be lovely. They are a Milwaukee-based band (my adopted home town *grin*) that plays what they call "end times music," a mixture of tuba, upright bass, guitar, piano and accordion. The content of the songs has a bit of a gothic influence, nonetheless, I enjoy them. One of my favorites is actually "This Babel," which I can't find anywhere online sadly. I did find a video of them performing "Anywhere," which is also a decent song.

Some of my favorite lyrics are "Let this be a call to arms, at the changing of the avante garde." Also, as another disclaimer, I don't believe them when they say that "nothing in this world is beautiful," I think they're trying to be metaphorical about current social/political events. Maybe. I dunno, maybe they're all clinically depressed and on suicide watch.

It's a beautiful world
if you've been lied to
by parents and priests
the vain and the tired
somehow we live here
this Babel of flesh
every man standing
on another man's back

Let this be a call to arms
at the changing of the avante garde
Nothing in this world is beautiful
anywhere ever

We're all on tv
It's the world's excuse
for being disfigured
and lying to you
The program is unending
The channel is unchanged
The lucky retire
to an earlier grave


Quaking Aspen said...

I like it!

.:m-e-g-g-o:. said...

i like it too....

i feel like i've read about this group recently...dylan did you blog about them on your personal blog? i think i read something about how he makes his own make his voice sound like it's comin outta those old record players that didn't really play records...vitrella (sp?)...i don't remember what they're called but the sony dog sits in front of you know what i'm talkin about?

Anonymous said...

yeah, a victrola. I did blog about them on my other blog, and talked about how he uses a home-made mic. good memory!