Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tank! :: Yoko Kanno

Sometimes when I'm stressed out, anxious or just jittery, I like to put on music and just dance around my room by myself listening to it. It's not an activity I ever do in front of other people though because I think I would just feel awkward. Anyways, this song is one of my favorite songs for just shaking it all out. It's by a Japanese composer who is actually famous for her compositions for anime.

This song, Tank!, is actually the opening theme to the show Cowboy Bebop. She has a wide range of styles that she can write, but my favorite is when she writes jazz. I think I got my love of big band jazz from my grandfather. He played saxophone, and was actually in several different regional jazz bands in Wisconsin up until 1989. He loves jazz music. Jazz music from the 30s-50s is about all he listens to, and so whenever we visited or went on a car trip with grandma and grandpa, we listened to jazz. Either way. Enjoy, and if you're feeling adventurous shut yourself up in your room and dance around like a crazy person while you listen.


Hello, my name is Kim Christensen. said...

I love this song! So happy that you chose this, I hadn't heard it in ages and it made my day to check the blog today and see it here. Yippee!

Aimée said...

Wow! This song belongs in a Quintin Terrintino movie! Turns your cleaning or homework-doing into a top secret mission or a jewel heist.

meggo said...

this song is amazing.

i LOVE it.

i wanna play the shaker in this song. what a great arm work out that would be!!!