Wednesday, March 21, 2012

London Town - Simon Lynge

I'm very proud to share a zip code with this guy. Simon Lynge lives in Port Townsend, WA with his wife and son, and he's a world touring musician who (among other things) toured with Emmylou Harris last year. He's originally from Greenland and went to school for music in Europe - got huge as a singer-songwriter somewhere in there and moved to PT after falling in love with the Pacific Northwest.

I've wondered for a while about spreading original music effectively in the modern world while at the same time cultivating a sane-making, soul nourishing home and community life. Simon Lynge has been a great example to me of how much of that is possible. Both he and his wife are working artists and between Simon having an LA-based agent, holding delicious intimate concerts at the beautiful backwoods homes of supportive fans around the Quimper Peninsula, and frequenting the Uptown Pub open mikes to keep his chops up, he seems to make it work. He's an incredibly grounded guy and really gracious and sweet to talk to and play with.

Besides his example as a working musician, he's also a BOSS songwriter with refreshingly solid mastery of his voice and guitar. That and he's gonna come up with the next "Imagine" one of these days for how simple and true his songs can be.
Like this one!

I love listening to him. I love seeing him and his lady and his son around town. I hope to play with him more. And I hope he keeps writing!

For more info check out his website:

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