Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alarm :: Mucca Pazza

Possibly the coolest marching band ever. Hat tip to my friend Z for sharing them with me.

Mucca Pazza is a self-described circus-punk marching band from Chicago. They have electric guitars, violins, mandolins and accordions in addition to the typical marching band fare of trumpets, saxophones, tubas, trombones, and drum line. They also have cheerleaders?

While the videos are awesome and definitely show the hijinks and shenanigans that Mucca Pazza gets up to, I recommend checking out their website for some high quality audio delight. You can also check out their myspace page if that suits your internet surfing style better. I highly recommend them for listening at work, on the bus, while cooking and while blogging at work when you're supposed to be doing other things. Their repertoire ranges from Balkan-brass to covers of 60s television show themes as well as themes from Shostakovich and Bartok.

For those of you who are fans of the TV show Weeds, Mucca Pazza's song "Borino Oro" was featured in an episode in season 4.

Fan made music video for the song "Alarm"

Performing at Lollapalooza

At Rothbury.

Here's their NY tour video.

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