Friday, February 27, 2009

camp out :: an horse

I have a new musical love, the band An Horse from Australia. They are both rather attractive people. For those of you in the Twin Cities, March 3rd at the 7th street Entry is where you should be to listen to them in person. Which I would highly recommend, and I really hope I can be there as well. I haven't ever seen them, because they haven't toured in the US yet. But, if you watch them on youtube or look at their myspace, you can see that they often wear flannel shirts, so that's cool and extremely adorable. Did I mention they're from Australia and thus have wonderful Australian accents?

Enough caffeinated silliness. An Horse sounds kinda like Tegan and Sara, and actually have toured with Tegan and Sara. An Horse is the duo Kate Cooper and Damon Fox. Kate rocks out on the guitar and Damon plays the drums. Kate tends to provide lead vocals and Damon backs her up. The video I'm including is an acoustic version of their song Camp Out. It's from their debut album "Rearrange Beds" which comes out on March 17th. If you just can't wait, it's already on iTunes. You should go to their myspace and listen to their other stuff as well. As a bonus video, the bottom most video in this post is an interview of An Horse by Sara Quin.

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