Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Something Sweet :: Acting Normal

Acting Normal
(in a line)...

This particular local group has become a new favorite of mine - mainly because my friend Susan Tanabe (last one on the right) is in it :P But also because they are REALLY GOOD! It has been a long time since I've seen a group of people that really just know how to jam and have a good time on stage, and these folks sure do know how to entertain! Accompanying the sweet vocal stylings of lead singer, Michael Valentine and Susan (standing next to each other) are a trap set, hand drums, a cello, keyboards, and guitar (with the occasional mouth trumpet - my personal fav!). I am very excited to go to more live shows by this group, but also to buy their EP when it comes out in March (hopefully!!!). Valentine and Tanabe's vocals blend very well together, and you can tell that this particular group experiences many moments of musical communion with one another.

Valentine's voice sort of reminds me a little of Death Cab For Cutie singer Benjamin Gibbard, specifically in that 'I can listen to this guy sing for a long time and not get annoyed because he's actually genuine rather than whinney, plus he's super cute and very talented' sort of way. :D What sets Acting Normal apart from most other local bands is that not only are they very talented musicians that work well together, they have a very tight sound. They are very well put together and not just your average thrown together garage band.

If you're ever in the Twin Cities area and can happen upon a show of theirs, (they've performed at Acadia a few times already this year...) you should totally make it happen.

Unfortunately, I can't embed any of their music on this site, so you'll have to click HERE to check out a couple of their songs - my personal favorite is the first one called Something Sweet. To find out more about Acting Normal, click HERE (I recomend checking out their site for all their funny promo pictures as well - they are funny!)

So, I hope y'all enjoy.
The end.
Love, Meggo.
(Me and Susan rockin Pirate faces and hooks.)

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