Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Despite Our Differences :: Indigo Girls

i can't believe we've never posted anything on the Indigo Girls and we've been going strong on this blog for a year now! the Indigo Girls have been one of those bands that not only added to my daily soundtrack, but really added meaning to my daily life. sure, they are iconic. sure, they have their stereotypical groupies. but, the Indigo Girls have stayed true to their roots, to their fans, and to themselves in writing their music and engaging in musical communion for so long.

when i miss the FAM (my family of choice), all i have to do is find an Indigo Girl song, hit play, sit back and reminisce about times where we all lived within 10 mins walking distance from one another and could go to the apartment to watch a movie, make dinner, and just have crazy fun. there are a plethora of indigo girls albums i could choose to talk about that reflect that time of my life, but today, i will write about the first album that was released after we all parted ways.

Despite Our Differences, released in 2006, is not just any old Indigo Girls album. I would classify this one as one of their most defining albums because they have managed to stay together for over 20 years and still create such magical music.
i think what i have come to appreciate and value the most about the Indigo Girls is their ability to be individually unique as artists, but also to complement each other so well together. this particular album exemplifies their musicianship very well, so hopefully you all will enjoy it as much as i have over these past couple of years.

some of my personal favorites from this album are: Pendulum Swinger, I Believe in Love, Rock and Roll Heaven's Gate, and Last Tears, but overall, i really do love the whole thing.

the end.

Despite Our Differences

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