Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Lived on the Moon - The Kwoons

Okay, I'm sitting here typing on a rented keyboard with my rabidly deteriorating laptop posting a song for the day and seeing that my spot has been dusty from utter neglect. I'm sorry, dear ones. It has been a helluva couple months for me and I let a lot of my regular correspondence slip during that time. Though I haven't been able to type from home until now, I have been reading all of your dear posts and listening and feasting on sweetum tunes as usual. So here's my first contribution in a while and I knew that it'd have to be a good one!

I don't even remember how I found this song. I think I might have been surfing digital short films on youtube and stumbled upon the animations of Mr. Yannick Ruig (all of them are amazing!). Then I found this video and that's what made the song for me.

It was commissioned after Kwoon saw one of Ruig's earlier short films that seemed to be from the same world as their song "I Lived on the Moon". And the rest sprouted from there.

Here's the website for the making of the video: and if you have time, it's totally worth a visit. Ruig goes into detail about the inspirations for many of the visual components and it's neat to see what he saw in the music.

With computer animation technologies getting more fabulous all the time, I'm so stoked to see videos like this one - where the artist behind all the tricks has a sweet vision and tells a good story.

I can't find the lyrics anywhere, but my favorite lyric is undoubtedly the mention of the "three tailed monkeeeeeeys" heehee. Sorry I've been a posting douche.

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