Friday, November 28, 2008

Fireman :: Nicole Reynolds

I haven't blogged in a while. But personally, I think that I can totally make up for it by the fact that I'm sharing the wonderfully talented, incredibly cute Nicole Reynolds with you. The track I'm sharing is called Fireman, and it's sweet and adorable.

There is a sad lack of her music on the internet, but you can check out her myspace and listen to more stuff there. Or just buy her cd(s) and support the economy through independent music purchases. Which clearly is the appropriate choice. Especially since we're entering that time of year where you're supposed to buy everything in sight because nothing says I love you like spending money on someone. Ok, so I might be a little burned out on being back at my parents' house in suburbia. Anyways.

Nicole Reynolds' lyrics are very intelligent, I've been hooked by her subtle humor and imagery. Well, not all the songs are funny, but that's probably good. This particular track isn't as "humorous," but check out "Don't Put a Tax on the Beautiful Girls" which my friend Z has perfectly described as a "lesbian economic recession anthem" and have a chuckle or two.

Nonetheless. Here's "Fireman" performed live at the National Women's Music Festival. Enjoy! (added bonus, see if you can spot Ellis!)

the fireman starts his own fire
for the thrill, for the thrill
i've got an oil spill in my head
and it's spread like a flood

i don't got the answers
i don't got the mind
to stick with one story
follow something blindly
i don't rule things out
i could let you in
my mind's a rollin river
i'll tell you where i've been

sensible madness
terrible sadness
i've felt it all
let it fall, let it fall
i tell you that i love you
do i say it too much
i tell you that i want you
like a chemical rush

mark on my tongue
anchor on my back
i've seen too much
in my mind
it's all stacked up
california burning
louisianna drowning
generation howling

the fireman starts his own fire
for the thrill for the thrill
i've got an oil spill in my head
and it's spread like a flood
like a flood like a flood

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