Wednesday, October 1, 2008

elephants :: Rachael Yamagata

I first heard Rachael Yamagata when she came and played at Luther College when I was a sophomore. I was pretty much enthralled. It was (and still is) one of the most enjoyable concerts I've ever been to. Rachael has an excellent presence on stage, and has the ability of making even a huge open space feel small and intimate. I've continued to stay updated on what she's been up to. She hasn't released an album since her first one, Happenstance, until now. Though I think that's perfectly acceptable because her new release is a 2 cd set entitled Elephants... Teeth Sinking Into Heart. It drops on October 7th if you're interested. Also, rather appropriately, if you're in the Twin Cities area she's playing TOMORROW at the fine line music cafe. Doors at 8, show at 9, $13 in advance $15 at the door.

So enough gushing and on with the music.

This song is a slower song, it's called elephants and is the featured Rachael Yamagata youtube video. I really wanted to share the song "accident" with ya'll, but the internet gods were against. Accident has been on rotation on the current, so if you have a chance to listen to them on the current, enjoy that.
Either way, elephants is still a good song. If anyone is thinking about going to the Rachael Yamagata concert, let me know.

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