Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beautiful Friend :: Cranes

I recently re-discovered Cranes, when I was traveling. I saw the CD on a table, and all kinds of nostalgia came flooding back.

My brother used to play this amazing music (circa 1993). Rough melodies with sharp industrial beats, contrasted with this mysterious female voice, almost impossible to understand. This is Cranes.

"Beautiful Friend" is probably their most beautiful, and most accessible, song.

I feel those days without end
when we used to be friends
those summer days were spent
in search of hope and happiness

we used to while away our days
in a beautiful haze
I guess I knew one day
that you'd be moving long away

you said go back to your dream
back to your wilderness
go back along the walk
maybe you'll find some happiness

I wept a thousand tears for you
for my love that came true
and soon I realized
I'd always dreamt it'd come to this

And though that time passes by
and that our lives have changed
but our love was special
our love was strange

And though my heart broke
in time it did mend
except when I think about the time
that we used to be friends

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