Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Go On, Say It :: Blind Pilot

Today's song is from the fairly new band Blind Pilot. They are Oregon based acoustic rock band that has a really solid album called "3 Rounds and a Sound." I love the simplicity that characterizes the album. This song, "Go On, Say It" kind of reminds me of the Beatles, circa Rubber Soul, but that might just be because I've been listening to the Beatles a lot with the kid I babysit for. On this track, the string arrangement behind the vocals holds the song together perfectly so enjoy that.

I really haven't found out much more about them online than their myspace page and a band website that was down. I couldn't even find lyrics to their songs, which is ok though. Either way, I've been listening to "3 Rounds and a Sound" almost constantly the past few days and if you're looking for an excellent acoustic indie-rock album, this whole album is worth a listen.

There's some weird static-like stuff before the drum part comes in.. makes a lot more sense in album context. So just wait it out.

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