Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Drive On, Driver :: The Magnetic Fields

Oh the Magnetic Fields. I hadn't even listened to anything off of their newest album, "Distortion," until yesterday late last night. However, since I'll be attending their concert in Minneapolis this fall, I figured I should catch up and check out the new album. The tracks I've heard so far are pretty enjoyable. Supposedly the entire CD was recorded without synthesizers, which is impressive on two counts. One, The Magnetic Fields are well known for their use of synthesizers and two, the distortion on a lot of tracks is so well controlled.

This particular track is called "Drive On, Driver." True to Magnetic Fields form, the song has a rather depressed jaded look at romance, then again, it just wouldn't be the Magnetic Fields if the song was optimistic.

Drive on, driver
There's no one home
You've waited hours
she didn't come
It's such a pretty little end
But it doesn't mean anything
Drive on

Drive on driver
Don't you cry
I gave her everything money could buy
You always said that girl
deserved the whole wide world
Drive on

and take me to the airport
I need to be extremely far away
so I can forget about her
I might forget about her someday

Drive on, Randy
It's all gone wrong
have some brandy, sing me a song
Something soft and low
can we please just go?

Drive on


Quaking Aspen said...

Ohhhhhhh I like it. It makes me think about when I hopped on a plane to DC last summer with no plans, just with the desperate hope of forgetting. That concert will be amazing.

.:m-e-g-g-o:. said...

i just heard this song on the current!!!

hurray :)

Kim said...

I'm so excited to see them!!!