Monday, June 16, 2008

Raining Again :: Moby

It might seem weird to post a song called "Raining Again" on such a beautiful, sunny day, but sometimes a song pops up on your shuffle and it strikes you as apropos.

Sometimes I think about my own life and my shortcomings, i.e. the things that keep me from living a completely fruitful and fulfilling life. One thing is what I sometimes refer to as my "emotional retardation." For one reason or another, I didn't really have any feelings until I was well into adulthood. Or more likely, I had feelings but didn't know it. So now I experience things more, but it is completely crippling. I feel these waves come over me, and now I'm like, yes, you have to feel it.

To me, this song is about emotional difficulties. The intro is really long; but there are vocals (later). I'd say, just put it on and dance around a bit.

I hope the video works; I'm at a public computer and couldn't screen it.

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