Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beloved One :: Ben Harper

sometimes you don't even need to explain why some songs are worth listening to...

sorry for the late post y'all...but here's my song of the day.

i've been listening to a lot of new music thanks to pandora.com! but when this one came on, it grabbed my attention fully...its simplicity, its lyrics...just a voice and a guitar and sincere feelings...all of these things are what make this song beautiful.

hopefully you'll agree!
the end.

Beloved One :: Ben Harper
We have both been here before
Knockin upon loves door
Begging for someone to let us in
Knowing this we can agree to keep each other company
Never to go down that road again

My beloved one, my beloved one

Your eyes shine through me
You are so divine to me
Your heart has a home in mine
We wont have to say a word
With a touch all shall be heard
When I search my heart its you I find

My beloved one, my beloved one, my beloved one

You were meant for me,
I believe you were sent to me from a dream straight into
To my arms
Hold your body close to me
You mean the most to me
We will keep each other safe from harm

My beloved one, my beloved one, my beloved one

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