Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Winter's Love :: Animal Collective

Sorry for the missed post last week. I was on a road trip to Kansas City with some friends and just kinda forgot to blog. And I'm also sorry I'm a day late. Now that school is done, I don't really have a schedule until I start working, so the days just kind of blur together and I forget which day of the week it is.

Today I offer up to you a song I heard when I watched the movie Shortbus. It was written and directed by John Cameron Mitchell, the same person who directed (and starred in) Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I recommend it, but be warned it's rather graphic sexually. The rest of the soundtrack is pretty stellar too.

The song is by Animal Collective and is called A Winter's Love. It was originally released on the Animal Collective record Sung Tongs. A while back Kim posted a song by Panda Bear, and he's one of the members Animal Collective. So if you enjoyed that, you might enjoy this as well. The first half of the song is mostly instrumental, and kinda reminds me of chanting. The second half almost sounds like a completely different song, and that's where the lyrics come in. I think I prefer the second half, but the first half of the song sets seems to set the mood so it fits.

I love this light in winter time,
The frost cakes in the carpet
in winter time we'll have our ways
tombstones the mean belong in
No falls snowfalls that ruin my day
It’s masked up from the street wire
and winter’s glow where could she be
She’s warm underneath my pocket
Just a calm and modern day
In early, early morning
Rush to her, and rush to him,
Am I a better person?
even in the whole take on
the loss is better said
I pulled the boy out of above
She made that boy a man

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