Sunday, May 11, 2008

When You Were a Tadpole :: Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews wrote this song for Kermit.

When you were a tadpole and I was a fish
When the whole world had barely begun
I saw you swim by with a smile in your eye
And I loved you from that moment on.

And through all the changes from fins into fingers
I longed for the day you would be
The sweet loving person you've finally become
From that faraway day in the sea

And my first wish
That you'd love me too, 'cause I've loved you
Since you were a tadpole and I was a fish
I'm so glad that you love me too, 'cause I've loved you
Since you were a tadpole and I was a fish.

Between Sesame Street and the Muppet Show, a huge number of musicians had the creative experience of a lifetime when they were guests on the show. If you happen to have Netflix, I highly recommend that you put any and all episodes of "The Muppet Show" on your cue. In many cases, the guests on the show had special requests regarding which Muppets they interacted with. Rudolf Nureyev the ballet dancer asked to dance with Miss Piggie - and so "Swine Lake" was created. Fozzy was Raquel Welch's favorite, so it was arranged that she sing a solo to him as he lay his head in her lap. And besides great collaborations, being on the Muppet show would be amazing publicity for anyone. When Paul Simon was on the show, he sat down with his guitar in the middle of the episode and one by one, all of the Muppets quietly crowded around him to listen as he sang. If the Muppets like you, you must be cool!

The creative energy and vision of Jim Hensen and crew was contagious and as impressive as the show's guest list is, how much cooler is it that so many of the guests were just as excited to share stage and screen with these zainy and fabulous hand puppets?
Besides all the guests, the Muppets themselves are great artists in their own right - as the video below illustrates :)

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