Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Tiger Dancing :: Heiruspecs

So...I'm from Minnesota. Lots of great things are located in Minnesota and many really amazing people are from Minnesota. Here's some lists I made about the coolness of Minnesota:

The Walker/Sculpture Gardens

The St. Paul Saints

The Guthrie


Little House on the Prairie

The Current

Prairie Home Companion

The Southern Theatre

The Fringe Festival

Orpheum Theatre

Weisman Art Museum

The University of Minnesota

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Gay Men's Chorus

Taste of Minnesota



Bob Dylan - musician

Jonny Lang - musician

Prince - musician

Cloud Cult - band

Fitzgerald - band

Mary Grandpre (the illustrator of all the American released Harry Potter books!)

Ellis - musician (originally from Texas, but great addition to Minnesota)

Mason Jennings - musician

Stuart Davis - musician

Hüsker Dü - band

Paul Wellstone - senator

F. Scott Fitzgerald - author

Judy Garland - actor

Garrison Keillor - author

Jessica Lange - actor

Roger Maris - baseball player

Winona Rider - actor

Josh Hartnett - actor

Kirby Puckett - baseball player

Charles Schulz (creator of Peanuts)

Kate Millet - feminist!

Laura Ingalls Wilder - author

Kent Hrbek - baseball player

Charles Lindbergh - aviator

Al Franken - comedian turned politician

T.R. Knight - actor


Over 10,000 lakes

Some of the oldest rocks on the planet!

Iron Ranges



Trees that regularly change colors with the seasons


Snowy Owls

Whitetail Deers




Red-Tailed Hawks


Timber Wolves (the animal, not the basketball team)

Bald Eagles

The Mississippi River


Minnesota Nice

"Uff Da"



"Yeah, sure, youbetcha!"

bars (like rice crispy bars)

"It's a hoot!"


Gayness per capita

Boundary Waters

Kare 11 News

Twin Cities Marathon


Drop Dead Gorgeous

Grumpy Old Men

Grumpier Old Men

Mighty Ducks

Purple Rain

Mall Rats

Fargo (not technically in MN but lots of it was filmed in MN)



The Mayo Clinic

Farming Communities

Minneapolis/St. Paul

Lake Calhoun

The Basilica

Mall of America

The Townhouse


Kafe 421

Mesa Pizza

Kitty Cat Klub

Al's Breakfast

Mythical Figures from Minnesota:

Jolly Green Giant


Paul Bunyan

Poppin' Fresh

Betty Crocker

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Basically, I'm a little bit fixated on Minnesota and can't wait to move back...to get to partake in its greatness. And another group that I'd like to add to the list is Heiruspecs (High Roo Specs) - a hip hop/rap group out of St. Paul. These fellas are pretty amazing. These guys are the real deal. Everything about them is real. There are no pre-recorded back beats, sound effects, lame things...every sound they make is real, genuine, and honest. This group is so amazing that St. Paul Mayor, Chris Coleman, gave them a day - December 22. That's right. December 22 is Heiruspecs Day in St. Paul, MN.

I know that the majority of the music I listen to currently is very folkish...lesbionic...whatever. But I cannot deny that Heiruspecs are freakin awesome and they make my head bob and my feet tap...while simultaneously sitting still to listen carefully to their lyrics so I don't miss anything. When they perform, I want to listen. I want to pay attention - because the Hip Hop that they make is unlike the "Hip Hop" you will hear on the radio or in a dance club. It is Hip Hop with a mission and that mission is to take us back to the purpose of Hip Hop - to its roots...to what it was originally intended to be - but with a modern flare, naturally :)

So, sit back and enjoy the beats, rhymes, and stylings of these noteworthy Minnesotans.

The end.

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A Tiger Dancing - Heiruspecs

A Tiger Dancing::Heiruspecs


Rock your body to the bass drum, take some high hat

Stack the energy like a Lego set, read the liner

Peter's got my back, we can give you some of that

Guaranteed to blow the spot like a strip miner

You can find us in the basement

Workin' on that stomp your feet sound, stomp the beat down

Often we clown and "get around" like Tupac

But still find time to rip the shit wide open

Like one of Hulk Hogan's tank tops

You can't knock the hustle and hustle we will

No cheap trick, no frills and no thrills

Just straight forward head noddin' we provide y'all

Make other similar crews break apart like A Tribe Called

My Quest to find peace with streets through beats that won't cease

Is at the very least a beast

I feast on a break then I take my aim

They just look sort of good, they got Kournikova game

(call me)


Purpose to make kids nervous

Absurd curvature known to come free with any purchase

And it seems to work

I didn't mean to hurt your ego

Webelos scout, keep the kerchief

Wipe your peepers, it's Ebenezer Bleezer's freezer pleasers

Sukiyaki succotash smash your speakers

Hummingbird tongue spun gutter stun gun words, yum

Sunburst Buttersworth, verse one

I've been fortunate for these past quarter of orbits

More of the time bouncin' between joyous and morbid

I'm sore from tug of wars with words and phrases

But sick of abstainin' from stainin' pages with brain drips

Don't strain or else sprain your lips

Feelin' brave, bitch?

Bring beef and leave with braised tips

Smothered in gravy, train wreck the set daily

Your behavior ain't been favorable lately

A veritable barrel of terrible fates awaits how people

relate to you And equate your parables

Mics and lady friends, poke 'em both like they're darin' you

Tongue undulations elate the maritals

[Felix] (7X)

Move tiger, pick up your paws and let's dance

Entrance, mesmerize, and move hands


Seemingly fiendin' like a demon for the DJ makin' me scream it

I mean it, just plug me in ultravenous

Bonus Song!! A lovely rendition of "Jump" by Bruce Springsteen. Pretty neat, right?

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