Saturday, May 3, 2008

Coleen :: The Heavy

Guest Blogger::Krista

The Heavy are a band from the UK which have just released their first full-length album, called Great Vengeance and Furious Fire, in the US in early April. Today I'm writing about "Coleen," my favorite so far and what I'm already calling my song of the summer.

Whenever I hear the intro, I have this Pavlovian response to just crank the volume. The horns over a simple rock groove on the drums makes for a perfect tease before lead singer Swaby comes in with his ultra-smooth singing about getting involved with fancy material girls; they might be dead-sexy, and the whole affair has this kind of mythic, unbelievable quality to it because you can't really believe your good luck that you actually got to have sex with such a fox. But then you realize you're spending tons of money to try and keep them mildly interested in you, and in the end all you're left with is a bruised heart and a huge credit card bill.

I can't find the lyrics online, so I kind of made my best guess on a few of them here just so you get the gist of it:

And she won't give it up
Until you give her just about enough
Those girls are so dangerous
It's enough to make a lover broke

Now do you want that love?
Do you need that love?
It's gonna make you cry
It's gonna make you burn

It's not that I particularly identify with the lyrics. I can't say I've had this experience of being sucked dry and dumped by an ultra hot lady, but the words just kind of add to what I'm really digging here. The chorus is where the drums really kick in and turn the sly tease I mentioned before into a completely dirty tramp of a song.

This is the part that I love: the sleazy crunch of the rock/funk jam makes me feel delightfully dangerous, like a total predator who could get a tattoo, smoke cigarettes, prey on confused straight girls, steal a car--maybe even go commando for a day. For three minutes while listening to this song, I am a bad motherfucker.

The band hasn't released a video, but there's a handful of unofficial ones on YouTube put together by fans. I chose this one for the blog because the dancing kind of correlates to the down-and-dirty vibe the song has:



Kelsey said...

YOU, m'dear are fucking hilarious!!! :D

Kelsey said...

PS> This summer, we're totally going to get pierced, drink and smoke at the lake (not EVEN cigarettes), and go commando... all in the same day!!! lol

Krista said...

I know what's really hilarious about my blog: the idea of me EVER having the vaginal fortitude to go commando. I was worried that would ruin the joke because it's just too ridiculous :)

Anonymous said...

I just heard that song "Colleen" by The Heavy while watching the tv show "Life" It's fantastic!

sugarmercy said...

they should spell this song "Colleen" so I can pretend it's about me! errrhhmm, wait. feck. no, I'm not "that" girl. But I would love to be this song. Vive The Heavy!
And Colleen's with 2 l's :)

fabio33 said...

I agree, it's a great song, it lifts you up ! But can you tell me what are the backing lyrics the woman sings in the chorus : "That love is a ... soul" ? I'm french... Thank you !