Friday, May 16, 2008

Anyone But You :: Dana Wilentz

Hello folks - I have to admit that I was in error (or at least in ignorance) when I made my posting two weeks ago - and my apologies for not posting last week. My last post was about the D.C.-based teenage indie band Lemonface, and their unfortunate disbanding earlier this year. I encouraged people to visit the Myspace page of the two members who remain together as a group, Richard, the guitarist, and Brendan, the drummer. However, after posting, I discovered that Dana, the bassist is also working on music as a soloist. Her music is very different from the pop-punk-rock of Lemonface of Richard and Brendan - she's apparently coming into her own quite phenomenally as an acoustic singer-songwriter. Four of her recordings (three originals and one live cover) are up on her website, I could say that her songs are great considering her age (She's seventeen), but the age disclaimer isn't even necessary. These songs are good. End of story.

At any rate, my favorite of the moment is "Anyone But You," so head over to and have a listen! Her vocals are amazing and I think she's headed to big places - we'll be hearing more from her for a lot of years to come, of that I am sure.

Love it.

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