Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Melody Allegra Berger the Hallowing Harpies

(i apologize for the lateness in this post...things have been a little crazy, but now it is finally settling down...b/c i finished my thesis!!! whoo hooo!!!)

back to business...

i first encountered melody allegra berger at the michigan womyn's music festival...but i just didn't realize it yet. i saw her come out on erin mckeown's set and jam out on the violin.

berger has also performed at MichFest with the likes of bitch!!!

but the awesomeness does not stop there friends. berger is also the editor of an independent feminst zine for teens, called the f-word. she started this zine when she was a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia, majoring in Women's Studies.

and if being an editor and musician wasn't enough to make someone feel extremely busy, berger was approached by Sage (the publishing company) to compile a book about the 'third wave' of feminism. berger, feeling frustrated that this mentality and habit of trying to box the feminist movement into waves appropriately titled the anthology: We Don't Need Another Wave: Dispatches from the Next Generation of Feminists

i ran into her last week when she was leading a discussion with students at American University about feminism in today's current political climate and had the privilege to hang out with her over food and drink afterwards...which is when i found out her other identities as a rockin musician!

in short, berger freakin rocks my socks. she is a busy woman and she is gettin shit done. so, please, please, please check out her zine and her book after you check out her kickin tunes!

back to the music.

berger's style is definitely worthy of hootenannies, as it is full of sassy bluegrass licks and kicks. i wasn't really able to pick which of her songs that i enjoyed the most, because they are all freakin fantastic, so i will let y'all decide for yourselves. but if you like fiddles, banjos, mandolins, and upright basses, then you'll dig her tunes.

she gets together with some fabulous pickers from the Philadelphia area, also known as the howling harpies :)

they're so up and coming that there aren't even any youtube videos of them or links to songs on any other website. so you will have to check out berger's myspace page HERE.

i hope y'all will enjoy her music as much as i do, as well as the other work that berger is doing. check it all out and rock on!

the end.
<3, meggo

(me and berger...doin some glamor shots poses)

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