Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes) :: Cloud Cult

today marks the release day of Cloud Cult's eighth album Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes). you can purchase it directly from them HERE, or you can go to iTunes and download it, or you can find out what stores are selling it. and what's super impresssive, almost as much as the music, is the fact that you will be supporting an independent, not for profit, green record label! Earthology Records! however you choose to support them, it will be a wise life choice for all involved :)

Feel Good Ghosts is, by far, one of the best CDs i have every owned in my short 25 years and will already have been played just as many, if not more, times than all of my Ani DiFranco cds...(which is saying a LOT!). i was introduced to Cloud Cult through this very blog, thanks to one of our guest bloggers (kelsey!), and i've been literally hooked ever since. it isn't very often that one can listen to an entire cd and enjoy every single track individually, as well as the cd as a whole, and i can honestly say that this is exactly the case for this album.

while trying to think of which tracks i wanted to blog about, i really couldn't single it down to one...hell, even two songs. so, fortunately, i was able to let technology make the decision for me...as there are only a few songs available to listen to online :)

i'll let y'all decide which ones are your favorites!

No One Said It Would Be Easy - this is the first track on the cd and i would argue that it is a good highlight song, or a song that best exemplifies the musical stylings one can only anticipate to expect from Cloud Cult. it combines layers of electronica, piano, acoustic guitar, vocal harmonies, and some kick ass percussion!

Everybody Here Is A Cloud - this song directly follows the first track...but is a great example of how each of these songs flow right into one another, thus making the album almost feel like one song that lasts about 40 mind blowing minutes! talk about

When Water Comes to Life - as the fourth track, we get a taste of the other instrumentals that are often included in Cloud Cult, with the edition of a violin, cello, oboe, etc...giving the group even more layers than a pineapple upside down cake! yum!

Story of the Grandson of Jesus - this is the ninth track and one of the more...rockin tracks, as it gives you that feeling of wanting to be in company of others to share in musical communion, while jumping up and down to all the accentuated punches in the song.

Hurricane and Fire Survival Guide - once again, this song flows really well after the previous track...which only heightens one's urge to jam out with your clam out...or rock out with your cock out...whichever you prefer.

May Your Hearts Stay Strong - this is the eleventh track on the cd and is probably one of the less immediately happy songs, but still freakin rockin, if you ask me.

well folks, that's that. i hope y'all enjoyed this sample of cloud cult's latest album and go out and support this indie-minnesotan group!!!

the end.

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