Thursday, March 6, 2008

Step Up :: JaConfetti

I am in love with JaConfetti. Seriously. They wear metallic costumes, sell crafty reindeer jewelery and technicolor tshirts for their merch, use kicky stage names (Yvone Coco and Ella Mau), and have a ton of experience working as MCs under their large, shiny belts. And, as a bonus, these lovely and talented ladies are...Danish! Yay! My sisters.

Their album Rainbow Express was just released and it is too much fun. They sample a variety of genres to make a fun, fabulous, danceable music filled with horns, heavy beats, and electro twists. Each song is filled with confetti and rainbows and oddly, lots of lyrics about food (I love food, so this works for me), but sometimes it feels a little dark and strange all at the same time due to the huge fantasty element. You can listen to tracks on their website, and on their myspace.

I love the way that JaConfetti has crafted their visual image to fit their music, it is a really holistic approach to being performers. Their website is amazingly designed (Adobe Flash + dancing food + confetti = true design beauty). They have created a storyline and alternate universe through their songs that is carried through from album art to merch, and they wear fabulously unique outfits and really seem to embrace a world of imagination and fantasty and metallic clothes. I want to see them live! I need to travel to Denmark.

Watch the crazy video for "Step Up".

Here's another fun one! Listen to "Hold Nu Kay".


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