Friday, February 8, 2008

What About Change :: The Black Finks

By now, everyone should be fairly aware of my intense love for all things hootenany-ish. Also, I am obsessed with my former life in D.C. On that note, I'd like to take a moment to talk about the twice monthly songwriter circles that have evolved at a great little D.C. coffee shop/community hang-out/fundraiser concert venue/Religious-activist bookstore, called The Potter's House. I have attended the songwriting session numerous times, even a few times since moving away from D.C. (I make a point to stop by when I'm in town). Lots of great things have come out of these sessions and I've had a blast, as a musician, working with other musicians and growing as a songwriter. If you enjoy this video and want to hear more of the stuff that has come out of Potter's House sessions, let me know - we've recorded other things that we've done!

The song I'm posting this week came out of one of those sweaty Saturday sessions. I'm sad to say I was not present for the creation of this song, but happily, I've had the opportunity to jam on it with its writers on subsequent occassions. It's a really great tune. This video is of the song being played, at a Potter's House Friday night Sounds of Hope concert, by one of the song's writers, Lou Black, and his band, The Black Finks. The two folks standing with Lou singing back-up are David and Kitty, co-writers of the song.

I don't know all the lyrics off-hand, but I can email Lou, and post them when he sends them to me. Enjoy!

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