Saturday, February 23, 2008

Maneli Jamal :: Lucid Drawl

Guest Blogger::Kelsey
Hey y'all! This is my friend, Maneli, whose flying fingers amaze me every time I see him perform. Though we originally met during our high school years in Austin, TX, he now lives and performs in Toronto, Canada. On his Myspace page, which you can access by clicking HERE, you can see that he is a versatile artist, doing detailed ballpoint etchings as well as creating original music in a style all his own. He is a completely self-taught musician (literally never had a day of formal training in his life), and he started jamming with his dad, who plays primarily the violin, around the age of 15. Though he learned to read tab and studied popular music at the start, his emphasis was always on finding his own voice. Initially, he dabbled in electric guitar, then moved to jazz, then, being influenced by guitar greats like Don Ross and Paco de Lucia, he moved on to flamenco and the interesting two-handed tap method he uses today.

So, yeah. :) He's amazing. He's Persian, and the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. I dig him and I hope you do, too- 'nough said.

Maneli Jamal::Lucid Drawl