Saturday, December 8, 2007

Understood :: Garrison Starr

First... I want to say that I was so excited to when Meggo asked me to be a guest writer for this Blog. I am music nut and am always on the look out for the unknown amazing musician and this Blog is right up my alley.

I have chosen to Blog about the song “Understood” by Garrison Starr from her new album “The Girl that Killed September”. I just got her CD last week and have been playing it to death. I must say that it is not as good as her previous studio album “Sound of You and Me” which may be my all time favorite.

I have chosen this song because it speaks to me and where I am at right now in my life. I am mending my heart. I recently ended my relationship of 3 ½ years and am trying find closure with that decision. It was the hardest thing - to walk away from someone that you love and care deeply for, to take care of yourself especially when they are dependent on you. My ex-partner is an amazing musician (you can check her out here) and I was there when she started her musical career and supported her through it all. It became and part of me and who I was, so even when the relationship became unhealthy for me, she was still the love of my life for many reasons. To this day and probably for many to come, the loss of her music and all things associated with her have left me with a huge void. I believe that this song demonstrates how you can see that something is not good for you yet you still feel you need it and how hard it is to pull away to take care of your self. Favorite line:

The sign says we’re condemned
but I can’t live without that fire we lit.

I also want to Blog about this song because of the kick-ass video directed by Margret Cho. You will definitely enjoy the Superwoman and Chewy characters.



only one way through the doorway
here hoping, waiting all day

there’s a small dog in a big fight
it’s a hustle but he’s not afraid to bite
we’re a far cry from the start now
the words are so clear in my head
but the words won’t come out

all the good we ever had
i need you

a headliner and a long telephone call
a lover’s voice and a secret language
scribbled on the wall
in the city love is spoken
a heart is open
but it’s too perfect to be true

all the good we ever had
i need you

this house is a shell
there’s no one left here inside it
The sign says we’re condemned
but I can’t live without that fire we lit

all the good….


Quaking Aspen said...

yay! Welcome, guest blogger! I heart this blog so much.

meggo said...

rock on!!!