Saturday, November 24, 2007

Light Enough To Travel :: The Be Good Tanyas

My apologies for the late-posting this week. My grannies had my undivided attention on Thursday and Friday.

Since moving from D.C. to Ohio, I have made several visits back to the District, during which I have spent some time with my friend Joanie, a fellow folk-music junkie. Joanie and I like to things like pretend we are old men and sit on the porch drinking tea on late summer evenings, or hold large musical gatherings called "Hootenannies" during which we stomp our feet and play guitar. And maybe pretend to play the banjo. And make pancakes. All of this requires a soundtrack and recently, I have been playing nonstop an album by a group Joanie introduced me to: "Blue Horse," by the Be Good Tanyas. Although the album has several great songs, including "The Littlest Birds" and "Lakes of Pontchartrain," my current favorite is "Light Enough to Travel." You can listen to the song on Youtube: or here:

Enjoy :-)

More on the Be Good Tanyas:

Light Enough To Travel::The Be Good Tanyas

Wound up drunk again on Robson St.
Strange cuz we always agreed
At the start of every evening
That's the last place I wanna be
Coffee drinkers dressed in black with no sugar
They don't give me no respect
They say look her comes another one
And I don't know what they mean yet

And I say
Keep it light enough to travel...
Don't let it all unravel
Keep it light enough to travel

Promise me we won't go into the nightclub
I feel so fucked up when I'm in there
Can't tell the bouncers from the customers
And I don't know which ones I prefer

Promise me we won't go into the nightclub
I really think that it's obscene
What kind of people go to meet people
Someplace they can't be heard or seen

Keep it light enough to travel...
Don't let it all unravel
Keep it light enough to travel

I broke the windows of the logging company
Just to get a little release
I had to throw down my accordion
To get away from the police

And I say...

Keep it light enough to travel...


meggo said...

rock on sumner! i embedded the video for you...and put the lyrics in so as to keep a similar format as the other blogs (i hope that's ok...)

this is a great song! i love the be good tanyas, and i remember having a conversation about them w/joanie at the first hootenanny i went to :)

this blog is so have no idea how pumped i am about it!

Quaking Aspen said...

That is amazing.

keesa said...

I love you ladies.

Sumner said...

Thanks Meggo :-)